Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I never really read books but I just had to pick these two up. The first book I picked up was 'The World According to Karl' which is, obviously focused on the amazing Karl Lagerfeld. I would recommend this book to anybody who isn't really a huge book-fan, like me. It's full of inspirational quotes relating to life, fashion, diets and many more topics.
The second book I picked up was the 'Teen Vogue Handbook' - I had seen this book a lot around Instagram and youtube, finally, I decided to get it. It's good for anyone wanting to have a future career  in the fashion industry, with many great tips on how to get in and 'survive' in the harsh world of fashion. Which ever career you want to go into, there will be inspirational tips on how to make it. It's an amazing and easy read, I would recommend this to everyone.

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