Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December Inspiration

This month's inspiration is definitely full of anything to keep me warm - it's been absolutely freezing lately in England so for the month of December I will be living in high neck sweaters and oversized coats.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tips For New Bloggers

  • Write to express, not to impress   I've probably seen this quote over a thousand times but it doesn't make it any less true. I've heard a lot of people say that they copy other bloggers in an attempt to become as successful as them. Readers like to see something different and unique; I will never follow two blogs that write about the exact same things. 
  • Do your research   Whether it's looking at other blogs or just googling how to deal with html codes and the layout of your blog. I recently changed my blog around by simply making titles in the centre or the font a different size and style. Doing a little can make a huge different to your overall look to your blog.
  • Find inspiration   This links with the point above. I personally use Pinterest and other blogs as inspiration. It's fine to take inspiration from other bloggers, but be sure not to copy - take different ideas from a range of websites rather than taking all of your ideas from one specific blog.
  • Don't give up   This is the most important tip in my opinion. There has been so many times that I have been thinking about just giving up or deleting a post if it didn't attract much attention but there will always be good days and bad days for your blog; you just have to remember to focus on the good days.