Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I've seen a few people making 'wishlists' so it gave me an idea to make one full of bags that I have always wanted and probably will always want. I feel like you will never grow out of a bag so it's never really a waste of money. I'm determined to get at least one of these bags before I'm 21. 

The first bag on my wish-list is this Givenchy one, I think I saw it on tumblr once and I just knew that I would want it forever, it's perfect. I think the name for it is 'Givenchy Antigona' and it's £1,185 - so I would need to be saving for absolutely ages if I decided to get this. I would obviously want the black one so it would go well with almost every outfit. 

The second bag is this Prada one. I think its called 'Prada Saffiano' and it's £1.288 so it's even more than the other one. I also saw this one on tumblr and fell in love with it. 

So basically, I just need to become rich.

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